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Here you can select our various locations around Rhenus. You can choose between countries, the corresponding locations, business areas, as well as locations in your surrounding area.

  • Rhenus Archivservice

    Rhenus Archiv Services

    Your partner for document archiving and records management

  • Rhenus File Destruction

    Rhenus Data Office

    Mobile document destruction convient and safe at your doorstep.

  • Rhenus Docs to Data

    Document Services

    Our service portfolio covers the entire lifecycle of a document.

  • Rhenus Mailroom Services

    Mailroom Services

    Outsourcing and Operation of Mailroom Services


Dear customers and suppliers,

despite the current situation, we are making every effort to continue to offer you our services to the full extent. Our highest priority is to protect the health of our employees, customers and partners.

Therefore, individual action plans are in place at the branches to counteract the precarious situation regarding the spread of the Coronavirus and to continue to ensure operational capability depending on the possible development of various scenarios.

Please observe the following rules of conduct:

Rhenus Office Systems

Sustainable Solutions for Your Document and Information Management

Whether physical or digital – we provide you with permanently sustainable solutions which can be evolved continuously.

Digitisation helps to substantially improve work processes, provided it is implemented competently. Besides having to create the technical prerequisites, one rule should always be observed: The technology needs to be matched to the requirements of the company, to the employees and last, but not least, to the requirements of the customers.

Learn more about our services...

We at Rhenus Office Systems can support your company in this process. Our portfolio comprises services such as cloud solutions, the provision of software licenses, digital inbox solutions, file digitisation and digital billing solutions.

Needless to say that we also care for your physical documents. So we store, for instance, your confidential documents in our high-security archives until their legal retention period has expired. Thereafter, we offer to destroy these documents with a shredder, whether mobile or stationary, upon your request.

Looking to outsource some or perhaps even all of your mailroom tasks? Then we are again the right partner for you.

Customer management is another part of our portfolio. Here, we can take over the complete handling of the day-to-day operations from our customers. What started with the classical telephone hotline 20 years ago, has turned into diverse, specific and far more complex services. Today, we take care of customer consulting, both at commercial and technical level, answer the 24-hour fault hotline, provide support in sales, perform the complete billing services and run the technical hotline for the most varied industries.

No matter what scope of service you are deciding for - there is one thing you may always rest assured of: We act competently and hold for you the necessary capacities to supply you with optimal services and products.

You will have experienced that the requirements for the document and information management have become more and more demanding in the past few years. This is why many companies are in need of a qualified partner.

So just look after your core business and rely on us - the professionals!

Your data is our daily business.

We translate competences and capacities into excellent services and products – and our customers benefit from all-time first-class results.

We are certified!

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